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Aquaguard Booster Water Purifier

Aquaguard Booster Water Purifier

Kitchen Pride

Color: Grey, Suitable only for below tds 300 PPM.

MRP : 10499.00 11990.00

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1. Intelligent Purity Sensor System: It continuously scans the water to give 100 percent safe water.
2. E-boiling: This technology purifies water completely and destroys all known disease-causing bacteria and virus to make every drop as safe and pure.
3. It ensures pure and safe drinking water for you and your family even if there is no running tap water.
4. Mineral Preserver System: Electronic impulses are produced to prevent scaling of the quartz tube, thereby ensuring that preciousminerals and nutrients are retained in the water.
1. Water Flow Rate: 1 litre/minute
2. Power: 43 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volt

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